Working for a Sustainable Future through Management Systems
eXCellennium is an independent organization providing services to assess management systems and advise where/how to improve. 

Our knowledge and methodology is based on International Standards, Excellence Models and Management Best Practices. 

eXCellennium’s expert team has carried on International assessment and advise projects since 1992. 

Each year we improve our services by adding lessons learned through the experience on our projects. 


Quality and Excellence: Implement, assess, improve your management. Identify benchmarks, reengineer your process… From the very beginning of our company we have been committed with excellence. Depending on your situation and goals there’s always a service we can provide to enhance your results. 


Environment: Is your company keeping an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations or, more than this, are you interested on managing your environmental dimension, getting economical profit and enhancing your company reputation? eXCellennium helps you with ISO 14001, EMAS schemes and many other green/eco/enviornment strategies. 


Sustainability: eXCellennium has developed a State of the Art tool to assess sustainable management for any kind of organization. Balanced management of economic, environment and social dimensions of any company are now possible using our methodology. Sustaniability is Long Term Management for your company success. 


Risk Management: Trough our tools and methodologies eXCellennium helps organizations to get protected against business disruption increasing stakeholder confidence. 


Managing Innovation is more than possible, is a requirement for companies looking for a sustainable future. We help can help you introduce some basic tools to manage innovation to enhance your company results and competitiveness. 

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